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Solutions for cross-sector digital networking between doctors and hospitals

Due to the lack of digitalization, the joint coordination of treatment planning between physicians in private practice and hospitals is still associated with a high administrative burden and results in considerable costs, especially for hospitals. The countless media disruptions are to blame. A lot of work is still done with paper. Telephone, fax and letter are the usual means of communication. The allocation process is inefficient and error prone.

Fig. 1 Swisscom expert study "Swiss Health Data Today and Tomorrow

docbox as a solution for cross-sector digital networking

The remedy is cross-sector digital networking. Their inherent goal: to make unnecessary communication superfluous. With docbox, patient data can be transmitted in a structured manner during the referral process. Electronic data transmission ensures a faster, higher-quality exchange between doctors in private practice, specialists and hospitals and patients.

Digital referral management saves time, money and increases the quality of treatment and service.

The results of a study already conducted in 2015 show: Digital referral processes significantly reduce the workload in patient administration. Queries are avoided, patients are authenticated more easily. Administrative processes accelerated and errors avoided.

Fig. 2 Swisscom market study "Lower costs and higher quality in healthcare - thanks to electronic data transmission."

The added value of the digital assignment process thus lies not only in the increase in the service offered. The flow of information is optimized by transmitting all treatment-relevant information at the time of referral. Telephone calls, mail and fax communication regarding scheduling and data exchange can be reduced to a minimum, efficiency deficiencies can be eliminated and thus around 90 percent of the process costs can be saved – i.e. annual costs amounting to 81 to 139 million Swiss francs.

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Did you know that the most important factor for an optimal utilization of your hospital is also the referring physicians?

They decide on more than 70 percent of the patient flow. This accounts for a significant portion of your organization’s economic success. Learn more about this in the article: Higher efficiency through digital assignment management.