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We are moving to a new infrastructure

“Never change a running system,” it is often said. But now the time has come: we are moving to a new infrastructure.

In order to be able to continue to provide you with the existing docbox services at a high level of quality, we will be from May 17, on the 18 May 2021 switch to a new hosting infrastructure. The change is meticulously prepared and takes place automatically. No precautions are to be taken on the part of our customers.

However, at the time of the changeover, between 10pm in the evening and 6am in the morning, there may be restrictions on the availability of docbox. We will provide important information and status updates on the Internet.

Why are we replacing the old infrastructure?
Our docbox has grown to become the largest eHealth platform in Switzerland. We now have more than 12,000 doctors, 10 medical call centres, 30 hospitals and over 120 life science companies. The provision and maintenance of a stable and secure infrastructure has become more complex and costly.

New technologies offer new opportunities
For this reason, we have spent the last two years building a completely new docbox and adapting the hosting to the latest technology and security standards. We are on our way to a sustainable cloud model, whose operation will ensure even better availability, scalability and performance.

You benefit from a continuously improved docbox
The switch to the new infrastructure is an important step in a gradual technology transfer. As a user, you will benefit from a continuously improved docbox, also in the future. We have provided further information for you on the Internet.