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Fundamentally renewed platform for monitoring the docbox infrastructure.

We have installed a new uptime monitoring system for our applications and services. As a customer, you can now view the status of our systems and applications. In future, the system should help to identify problems at an early stage and rectify them as quickly as possible. Thanks to real-time employee feedback and service information for stakeholders and customers.

For docbox’s development team, the new monitoring is the next important step in modernising our infrastructure: “Monitoring incidents is the basis for forward-looking incident management,” explains development manager Frank Neff. With the new real-time monitoring, problems within the system can be detected more quickly and it can be verified immediately whether they are actually occurring with the end users.”

If a problem is identified in the future, an incident can be created automatically. Depending on the incident, appropriate team members, external stakeholders and customers affected by a disruption can then be informed.

The new docbox status page for customers can be reached via the short link
and can be accessed on the docbox website via the
Support Center