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New domain .swiss brings our origins to the point

Where Switzerland is in, .swiss belongs to it!

True to this motto we have changed our primary domains with immediate effect to
and thus bring our origin clearly to the point.

.swiss is the new generic top-level domain of Switzerland. It was originally approved by ICANN on 16 October 2014 and represents an alternative to the traditional country code domain .ch. Whereas the domain extension .swiss does not replace .ch – neither in Switzerland, nor at docbox. Traditionalists can still reach our eHealth platform via the .ch domain.

Rather, .swiss is an additional offering that we are proud of, explains CEO and founder, Olivier Willi. The provider service is available exclusively to Swiss companies and organisations. And where Switzerland is in, there should also be .swiss at the end.

For companies such as Visionary AG – docbox, the ending .swiss creates added value because it unmistakably shows the origin and anchoring of the Swiss company, underlines the identification with the Swiss brand and its values and gives the website the exclusivity it deserves.

With our eHealth platform, we have been making a decisive contribution to the development of the Swiss healthcare system for more than 20 years, adds Olivier Willi. In addition, we have renewed our website from the ground up this year. An optimal time for the new domain extension.

Try it out...

A little getting used to is certainly part of it. Take the first step with just one click on: