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Be a Visionary

Wondering what it’s like to be a Visionary? Here’s where you find out…

Product Management

In product management at Visionary, you will be involved in the planning, management and control of existing and future products and services during the product life cycle. From market maturity to the withdrawal of a product from the market. In close coordination with marketing and sales and at the interface to development.

Marketing & Sales

As Marketing and Sales responsible you are the mouthpiece to the customer and responsible for communication and sales. The guiding principle is to align the needs of the market with the company and to make our products and services available to customers.

Customer Support

In customer service, you will be fully committed to the needs and wishes of our customers. Customer Service is, so to speak, the interface between sales, marketing and users and is responsible for developing and retaining customers in the long term by means of customer loyalty.


As a software developer, you will be involved in the (further) development of software modules for docbox, the organisation and modelling of the associated data structures and the operation of the running platform.   Projects are carried out both with external service companies and as in-house development.

Working with Objectives and Key Results

We work with Objectives and Key Results (OKS) in all areas. This is a flexible framework with which we achieve our goals. With the OKR model, we succeed in developing the company strategically, bridging the gap between long-term goals and operational doing, and involving participating employees in a self-committing manner.

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