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Our Mission

The way healthcare professionals communicate with each other has changed. We believe we can be number one in selected markets with selected processes when it comes to directed communication and secure data exchange in healthcare. In cooperation with strong partners. For the benefit of the patient. That’s why our customers choose us. Because they trust us to provide them with the best solutions to their challenges.

Our Story

Olivier Willi took an anti-cyclical approach: in autumn 2001, when the Internet bubble burst, he deliberately bet on the Internet. Willi’s brother-in-law, Daniel Hüssy, had tipped the scales in his favor. A doctor who wanted to make emergency service scheduling more efficient. Previously, this had been a huge paperwork expense. Many doctors had felt disadvantaged. Disagreements and disputes had arisen. Then it fell like scales from Willi’s eyes: This problem should be easily solvable on the Internet. You would enter the data and the computer could create the appropriate roster. Thus, Visionary AG was founded in August 2002.

What's new at Visionary AG?

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During a meeting with Olivier Willi, Daniel Hüssy, MD, a practicing physician, mentions that organizing outpatient emergency medical services is extremely time-consuming. In a eureka! moment, Olivier Willi immediately realizes that Internet-based planning will provide the solution. He decides to take the docbox adventure!


The Visionary AG is founded! Zürimed is our first customer: After a development period of around 6 months, the emergency service plans of the first 70 practicing doctors in Zurich North are successfully created with docbox in the fall.


Some doctors of the emergency service district Uzwil point out that the allocation of appointments to pharmaceutical representatives blocks the practice telephone for patients for weeks at a time. We decide to develop docbox physician visitor scheduling, which goes live the same year.


The radiology department of the University Hospital Zurich puts the docbox eRegistration and eReport into operation. This is the first time that patient data has been sent via docbox.


The Hirslanden Group decides to network its affiliated doctors of the 17 clinics with docbox. docbox is the only referral network in Switzerland with the most interfaces to physicians and demonstrably high traffic.


The new docbox 4.0 goes live. It is based on state-of-the-art microservice architecture. This means that new functions and services can be developed and implemented independently in the future. It forms the basis for the further expansion of our business activities.


docbox counts more than 12'000 doctors, 10 medical call centers, 30 hospitals and more than 100 life science companies as customers/users and is thus the largest eHealth platform in Switzerland.

"Visionary AG is an e-business venture that is strongly focused on customer benefits and less on internet hype: the internet is not a toy, but a tool."

Dr. ing. ETH Klaus Meier
CIO Skyguide, Board Member

Values that characterise us

Good corporate values make a good corporate culture. Viewed individually, our corporate values may sound banal. Taken together, however, they create a unique corporate culture that not only shapes the identity of our organization. It serves as a guide for our actions.


User-centered, we strive for business relationships based on partnership


The trust of the users has made docbox the largest eHealth platform in Switzerland - We are proud of this.


We have the ability to look into the future and align our strategy accordingly.


We are independent and neutral - On the level of the market and our software solutions


We are primarily interested in the future, in which we want to inspire our customers every day anew.


We drive digital transformation in healthcare with passion and dedication

Largest eHealth platform
in Switzerland



Live Science Companies


Medical Call Center


Emergency service circles







Our Solutions

We offer internet-based IT solutions and consulting services to our customers in the healthcare sector. The basis for our business activities is the development, operation and marketing of our Internet-based software platform docbox. With docbox, we network the practicing physician with other service providers in the health care system and with the patient. Today, over 13,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, life science companies and other service providers are docbox users.