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New technologies offer new opportunities

“We’ve spent the last two years building a completely new docbox. In the process, we’ve completely redeveloped the architecture, technology, hosting and graphical interface.”

The next generation docbox

The new docbox 4.0 has a so-called microservice-based architecture. In this way, we will be able to exchange modules (“microservices”) much more easily in the future and incorporate services from third parties with us, or incorporate our services with third parties. As a user, you will benefit from a continuously improved docbox, also in the future.

At a glance

New architecture

The new docbox 4.0 is based on a modern microservice architecture concept in which apps are broken down into their core functions.

State of the art technology

This means that new functions and services can be developed and implemented independently in the future.

Appealing design

The graphical user interface has been completely redeveloped. What has remained is the wide range of functions and the familiar processes.

Higher performance

The new docbox 4.0 hosting guarantees even more stability and meets the highest security standards in Switzerland.