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In this section you will find various articles and whitepapers on the topic of eHealth.

eHealthConnect - A new approach for the digital communication

KSB invests in digital communication and ventures a new start with a market-proven provider of eHealth solutions. The company Visionary AG is established in the eHealth sector and offers ideal conditions with its proven, easy-to-use docbox solution. The focus is on the use of proven systems and market standards, which are to be gradually introduced and further developed.

The impact of digital referral management on the process costs of referring physicians and hospitals

The white paper shows efficiency potentials and explores the question to what extent costs in referral management can be effectively minimized by establishing digital referral processes in high-volume care areas.

Referral communication as an EPD-related additional service Connection of physicians in private practice to the hospital

The topic of referral communication is of great importance as an additional service close to the EPD. Suitable tools for admission management and communication with referring physicians are of particular interest to hospitals. The article explains the background and benefits of a generic solution.

The docbox HE Connector - A portal for attending physicians, referring physicians and patients

In this way, assignment management becomes a strategic success factor. The healthengine from the i-engineers AG is the central system that processes and consolidates data from all specialist applications and makes it accessible to a wide range of basic services. In external communication, the
Perfect interaction with docbox from Visionary AG.

Strategic referral management
Data protection compliant customer insights

Hospitals that are planning to introduce electronic registration want to know how many potential referring physicians in their region are already “practice ready” for electronic data traffic. This white paper provides relevant information on this topic.

Data security in directed communication

Digitisation in the Swiss healthcare system benefits both the players and the patient, but makes data security a critical factor for success. The whitepaper Privacy and Security in Directed Communication shows how the transfer of sensitive data via docbox works securely. All necessary technical and organizational measures are taken to protect the data on docbox.

Riding the wave of digitization

Many Swiss SMEs still do not have a clear strategy on how to use digitalization for their business. But it pays to keep at it. A smart solution can be to proactively harness digital transformation and immediately incorporate it as your own business model. “Digitization always means questioning the old and doing things in a completely new and better way,” says Visionary AG CEO

Planning the emergency service shift on screen

The internet platform “docbox” can connect doctors with each other. This eliminates the paperwork involved in planning emergency services, making them simpler and more transparent. Appointments for representatives of the pharmaceutical industry are also increasingly being arranged via “docbox”.